Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conversion of "Son of Sam" Serial Killer David Berkowitz

Sorry for not having posted on this blog for so many months. Due to the urgency of America's critical political-economic-cultural condition, I am devoting my time and energy on informing Americans about the deterioration. A good blog I frequent is Fellowship Of The Minds.

I just came across this series of 3 videos on serial killer David Berkowitz, whom many probably remember as the infamous "Son of Sam" who had terrorized New York city for one year (1976-77) with a series of random shootings, killing six and wounding seven. I had read of his conversion in prison, becoming "born again" as a follower of Christ. But the accounts I had read were quite dismissive, suggesting that Berkowitz's converison was inauthentic.

After seeing him for myself in these videos, I believe he genuinely repented and converted. These videos are a compelling testimony that Satan and demons are real but God's mercy and love are infinite, and that there is hope for even the worst among us.

God bless.

Here are the links to the videos:
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3

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